Father's Corner

60 Years of St. Andrew the Apostle Church and Parish
November 26, 2017 Celebration

My dear friends,

As we celebrate 60 years of our Parish family, we thank God for all the blessings God has showered upon us in the last 60 years. We remember with much gratitude all the people and families who initiated and worked hard in the early years of this parish build up. We are also very grateful to all the priests and deacons who served us in this community, and to the bishops who led us as a diocesan family. The support of CWL, the dedication of volunteers were (and are) also to be remembered with much gratitude. Let us take this pportunity to renew our commitment to our Lord and His Church. Together we may grow as a living witness to Jesus in this area. As we thank God for all the gifts and blessings, we thank one another for their contributions to our growth. We also resolve to do better as we continue our faith journey.

With love and blessings, Fr. Paul

Father Paul V.

Pictures of Events in Support of the Host a Family Program.

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Pasta Dinner - April 17, 2016

Penny and Bake Sale - May 1st, 2016

Rosary Recital Evenings - May 2016

Rev, SOLI Sisters Picnic - May 13, 2016

Family Mass & Luncheon - May 29, 2016


PART 3: Continued from last week (Part 2 & 1 found below)

My dear friends, thank you for joining the volunteers meet last Wednesday evening. I am sure that we have lots of good will and talents to undertake this Project.

We will have our next meeting when we get more details about the families coming. In the meantime we keep them in our prayers and continue to raise funds and awareness about this project.
There are some envelops with ‘Host a Family’ sticker on them. Please use them when you donate for this project. Cheques can be made to St. Andrew’s RC church, with a note [on the ‘memo’ line on the bottom left] ‘Host a Family Program’. We will be taking a special 2nd collection after Holy Communion every 2nd weekend of the month. All the special fund raising we do (pasta dinner, golf, Trivia night etc) in this period will be allocated to this project. With your good will, prayers and support we will be able to help these families. May God bless you and your families. Thanks again.

God Bless You All,

Fr. Paul 

Father Paul V.

PART 2: Continued from last week (Part 1 found below)

My dear friends, yes, our faith challenges us to reach out to the stranger and the needy. But it is not an easy thing. When we decide to welcome them, they become our brothers/sisters. Jesus calls us to come out of our comfort zones. We may be compelled to sacrifice some of our time to take them to a grocery store, to a doctor, to a ministry office, to the school etc. We may have to come out to help at the kitchen for a fund raising dinner, or bake some goodies or make a soup or sell a ticket. It is through each of these simple things we are proclaim-ing that we are Jesus’ disciples. When you sign up for any of the simple but great things, you are saying to this family, I really care for you; yes, I am your brother.

Friends, all your experience and skills are very useful in this ministry. Thank you for your commitment. Thank you for giving your name. I appreciate it very much. We will have a meeting - Wednesday March 2nd, 6.30pm in the church for all the ‘to be volunteers’. Even if you haven’t signed up, but would like to help, please join.

God loves a cheerful giver. Because God is the supreme giver who gave His only begotten Son for us. And the Son in His turn, humbled Himself and became a man and gave His life for us. All what we have is a free gift from God - our life, our possessions, positions, health ..

And every gift from God is to be used properly, for our good, but more for the good of others. When we do real, sacrificial sharing we are imitating the giving character  of our loving Father and glorify God through that. I noted that people started giving already. If everybody cooperate as they could as I suggested, we will have enough to pay the rent for the families, and we will have enough to take care of their needs. And this will be a very enriching experience for each one of us and our parish. (To be continued)

God Bless You All,

Fr. Paul 

Father Paul V.

PART 1: My dear friends,

It is only few weeks before that we celebrated the birth of Our Lord. We remember how St. Joseph was searching for a place in Bethlehem, that
Blessed Mary may deliver, Baby Jesus No, there was no place for tem in the inn. When we think about hosting a Syrian Family for an year or so, are we going to
say the same answer? Or are we able to see the face of Jesus in these strangers and welcome them to our home, share our time, talents and treasures with them. Many of our parents/grandparents came to this land in very similar, difficult situations. And they received many helps, they worked hard that we could enjoy all
what we have.

Now it is our time to share some of it with these needy ones. If we decide we can do it. I may share few thoughts that come to my mind now. You may have similar thoughts that you may share in our special gathering soon.

If every family who is donating $5 a week, could spare an extra one dollar a week it will generate extra $4 every month. If they spare the price of a coffee every week it will be $5 a month. Similarly those who are donating 10 or 20+ Dollars; those who have steady job or income may also increase their contribution accordingly, a monthly $10+
extra..will be there. The total will be around $750+ a month and $9000+ an year.

To sponsor one family for an year, we need around 30 thousand dollars including cash and kind. If we raise around $10,000+ a matching fund is available. Plus items they need like bedding, clothing, utensils, furniture etc – that is the balance amount in that total. If all our donors cooperate, with the matching fund available, I am sure, we can sponsor two families. (I am also expecting some good contributions than the few dollars a week). If a family could accommodate a host family in their basement for an year we may save the renting charges and help another family.

The work for 1 and 2 families are pretty much the same. So let us do the max. Everybody can be part of this great project in different and varied ways. We can do it with little Christian sacrifice, but, without hurting the functioning of the church. Let us walk that extra mile with a smile. (To be continued)


Jesus said :”Amen, I say to you, whatever you did for one of these least brothers of mine, you did for me.” (Matthew 25:31-46)

God Bless You All,

Fr. Paul 

Father Paul V.